Biohazard Sentinel Nine


Tokyo Marui (TM) Biohazard Sentinel Nine Leon Model (Limited) Resident Evil….



Feel like taking out a few zombies with a head shot? This Custom Tokyo Marui Biohazard 6 – 226 Model is incredibly unique and will be VERY popular within the Airsoft and Leon Cosplayers. 

It certainly is a stunner to look at as everything about it is Customized to replicate the same model from the Biohazard games. At the front, we have a very special Strike Fist type Flash hider which you can remove to reveal a 14mm CW thread. Along the silver slide is the custom front and rear site with a custom hammer at the back. On the side is a custom silver magazine catch and hammer release since the 226 is a double action pistol after all. 


  • Semi Automatic
  • Adjustable Hopup
  • Capacity: 40 rds
  • Length: 240mm
  • Weight: 832g
  • Power: 300 FPS