CNC Alu M4 Chamber ME


Maxx Model CNC Alu M4 Hopup Chamber ME – Pro (With LED)….



Maxx Model CNC Alu M4 Hopup Chamber ME – Pro (With LED).

CNC Aluminum Hopup Chamber ME Pro (with BB Latching System) & UV LED Tracer unit is precisely made to improve accuracy and ensure consistent air seal for Tokyo Marui (include KRYTAC, except KWA) M4/M16 Standard AEG series. The Hopup Chamber ME unit has a precision rotary dial design for fine hopup adjustments, also re-engineered the hopup levers and concave nubs to work best with R-hop and Standard-Hop to keep the BBs shooting straight and accurate on every single shot. The Hopup Chamber ME unit is designed to accept the nozzle length from 21.00mm to 21.25mm, and fully compatible with most aftermarket soft and hard rubber bucking without losing FPS or dropping BBs. The Hopup Chamber ME Housing is equipped with a new CNC Delrin Locking C-Clip design to hold barrel tight without wobbling and twisting, and 3 compression springs on top, at bottom and in center of housing to ensure the hopup unit is exactly centered, straight and air tight at all times when adapted to any V2 gear boxes with 11mm or 11.5mm inner bore. More than that, the Hopup Chamber ME Pro unit is specially designed with BB Latching System to prevent dropping BBs after removing the magazine. The Latching System can be also manually opened to release BBs from inside hopup chamber by hand. The Dual UV LED Boards and Module set is also included with this hopup chamber unit to glow BBs in the dark. Operating Voltage from 7VDC – 15VDC (2-4 cells LiPo, 6-13 cells NiCad).

The Empty Magazine Detection Sensor and Electronic Switch Controller are optional add-ons to stop Motor/HPA firing when the magazine is empty. (Sold separately)
Test results: FPS might be increased from 10FPS to 30FPS over stock setup. Please check your FPS!

When installed into a standard AEG or an AEG with a simple mosfet such as Krytac M4s, it functions fine. However for electronic trigger units like in Ares, G&G and the Gate Titan, the extra electronic feedback from the leds would confuse these mosfets. The current tracer that mounts to motor will still be available because it has the benefit of not draining the battery when you are not shooting, it generates less heat than a constant glowing tracer, allows the leds to be used at max brightness, and you do not need to remember to switch it on, it is always ready to work.