XS78 Tactical 16J CO2


SMK XS78 Tactical Multi Shot 16J CO2….



SMK XS78 Tactical Multi Shot 16J CO2.

A great look for sniper performance!

Perforated synthetic ‘thumb hole’ type stock with ergonomic grip and rubber butt plate, fixed silencer, steel gasket and barrel. Adjustable trigger, 9-shot cylinder type charger. Complete pack with his 4 x 32 (adjustable) scope, its 11 mm high mounting rings, its telescopic Picatinny bipod(mounted on the 21mm rail at the front of the stock).

This weapon works by using 2 Co2 capsules, inserted into the planned tank under the barrel. The capsules are inserted “back to back”, and deliver a enough power for 50 shots at 16 joules.